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My approach to a web design depends if the client has an exisiting site. It can be that the client already has a website and are not happy with the design or require changes and no longer have access to the original designer or knowledge of the platform it was developed upon.

My solution is to move the client over to WordPress and because there is no one stop solution for migrating a website to WordPress, I create a new demo website using Divi or Elementor running on WordPress.

I use all the files I have access to from the live site and over a period of time I try to reproduce the design as close as possible.

Once the site design duplication has been completed, I can then discuss with the client what their requirements are and then update the design accordingly. Once it is in Divi format it is very simple to upate the content, move things around and add elements of other sites that fit the clients industry or basic web design components. 

Once the demo design has been signed off, the website can be uploaded to the clients hosting solution, and in the instance of the hosting being slow or too expensive, a domain migration is performed to a better host and the site uploaded.

The new website is live and the client enjoys a site that they wanted all along with all the correct design elements along with SEO that is built into the design.

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